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(gh-255) | Chief Revenue Officer | Business Growth, Website Properties - National Today

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Publicado 2024-07-11
Caduca 2024-07-10
ID #2238433806
20,000,000 ARS
(gh-255) | Chief Revenue Officer | Business Growth, Website Properties - National Today
Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires,
Publicado July 11, 2024


Chief Revenue Officer Business Growth, Website Properties - National Today Can you grow revenue of a digital media property while also leading its administrative, operational, and creative functions. If you have experience in administrative, operational, and creative functions of content as a strategic marketing and communications function in the business then we might have your next great job role. Some things to know about us : First, we're not like every other digital media company. We believe in the power of data. We embrace new tools and technology. We swoon over an elegant process or system. We love blueprints and playbooks. If it ain't broke, optimize it. As a result, we're growing faster than pretty much any other digital media startup. Second, we work a little differently. National Today is part of a network of websites that utilizes a unique blend of data, PR, and SEO to launch and scale websites at an unprecedented rate. We're redefining what the digital media game plan looks like to build a portfolio with unicorn potential. Third, we're known for our flexible work environment. Not only are we fully remote, but we actually coordinate remote culture and team-building activities on a global basis. Need to work unusual hours or pick up your kids at a set time each day? No problem, we've got your back. Does any of this get you super excited? Are you ready for potentially the best professional experience of your career? Requirements (unless you convince us otherwise) 1. Previous work experience in a similar role (Website Properties, Revenue Growth) 2. Proven experience in revenue and profit growth in Ecommerce, website - advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, direct sales for specifically website properties. 3. Leadership experience in creative strategy, coordinated content operations, channel optimization, brand consistency, audience segmentation, translation / localization, and meaningful measurement of contents value to the business. 4. Experience of developing SEO focused content strategies intended to deliver against key performance metrics. Duties : - Revenue growth, business growth, focusing on - advertising, affiliate marketing, lead generation and direct sales - Design and implement content strategies, plans and procedures that support and extend marketing and communications initiatives, both short and long-term, and establish a continuously evolving content practice - Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth for content as a strategic function in the business - Leverage market data to develop content themes / topics, then execute a plan to create the assets that support a point of view and lead to critical behavioral metrics - Supervise the management and maintenance of audience content inventories and audits, customer journey maps, SEO strategies, and competitive audits - Establish standards, systems, best practices, and workflow processes for managing the content lifecycle, including requesting, producing, distributing, promoting, measuring, and retiring content, including ensuring all content is consistent with brand, style, quality, tone of voice, and optimized for the various user experiences and across all appropriate channels - Work with our technical / digital teams to implement an efficient content management system and other essential systems (e. g., marketing automation, email management, social media management, analytics, etc.) - Manage the efforts of other teams writers, editors, producers, and content managers - Conduct ongoing usability tests to gauge content effectiveness; Gather data and handle analytics (or supervise those who do) and make recommendations based on those results; work with owners of content to revise and measure content and marketing goals - Establish performance goals and oversee ongoing measurement protocols to evaluate and optimize content effectiveness. This includes gathering data and handling analytics (or supervising those that do), as well as making recommendations based on performance results - Ensure a consistent enterprise-wide approach for content, including implementing meta tag structures, structured content, and translation strategies where appropriate About National Today https : / / / National Today is the worlds most popular website for holidays and special celebrations. National Today receives millions of visitors each week, with the popularity of our holidays providing a unique and fresh vantage point from which blue chip brands can engage with consumers. By celebrating the occasions that bring people together, we've created a powerful community of global significance.

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Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Durante el año
Ocupación: (gh-255) | chief revenue officer | business growth, website properties - national today
Min. Salario: 15000000

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