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Camera Hardware Engineer

Última actualización 2024-07-20
Caduca 2024-07-19
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15,000,000 ARS
Camera Hardware Engineer
Argentina, Buenos Aires, Mercedes,
Modificado June 12, 2024


Job Description - Camera Hardware Engineer (MER00038 EZ) Camera Hardware Engineer Group : Mercedes-Benz Group AG Description Camera system and hardware architecture development with camera supplier for automotive camera products, which covers concept selection, core components selection , requirements analysis and management. Responsible for camera technology scouting and analysis, and combine with the vehicle demand to form a roadmap of camera products and HW performance KPI, organize internal technical meetings and external technical exchanges to ensure the correctness and progressiveness of camera module selection. Specific tasks as China component responsible person: Specific tasks as China component responsible person: Coordinate the local development activities for the ADAS cameras of the relevant carlines, maintain part lists, document data in systems like EPDM (EE Product data management system) and DIALOG, release planning, communication with carline, factory (BBAC), related module group, etc Responsible for technical tasks such as evaluation of new technology solutions of new camera suppliers, data collection and reporting, and cooperate with internal functional teams to import new suppliers and supplier localization. According to the market trend and specific project requirements, formulate the system requirements of camera, decompose into the requirements to suppliers, be responsible for the supplier's development technical communication, participate in the selection of key components to ensure the function, performance and reliability of the system, and complete the preparation and review of system design related documents. Work with team members to determine the optimal scheme for sensing fusion of different types of sensors according to different performance requirements of autonomous driving and form a system architecture. Qualifications Bachelor degree or above in optoelectronics, laser, optics, physics, mechatronics or other related majors Minimum 3 years of experience in camera development, master the design technology of cameras, including the optical, mechanical and electrical system Familiar with automotive application of cameras and their development and production process Experience in RGB and infrared camera technology, master the concept design and implementation of camera calibration Familiar with camera based system structures, expecially the connection between camera modules and domain controller Fa miliar with camera production process and end-of-line test criteria Willing to accept new challenges, have a strong sense of continuous learning, have the ability to innovate, and have enthusiasm for developing new products and technologies Willingness to travel inside China and abroad to prepare and support launches at JV / suppliers

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Durante el año
Ocupación: Camera hardware engineer
Min. Salario: 12500000

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    15,000,000 ARS / Durante el año

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