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Global Trade Compliance Leader

Última actualización 2024-07-20
Caduca 2024-07-19
ID #2188050928
15,000,000 ARS
Global Trade Compliance Leader
Modificado June 10, 2024


Job Purpose: Develops import/export strategies for projects in collaboration with cross functional teams and in compliance with international trade regulations to achieve project objectives. Prepares actionable plans and ensures all stakeholders are informed and able to execute on established strategies. Serves as a subject matter expert for all trade activities and compliance. Trade Compliance • Evaluate project objectives, products and countries involved anddevelop import/export strategies for projects that meet local andinternational trade regulations Development of import/export strategy • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentationinvolving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring operational and compliance feasibility. Risk management • Verify the project contracts and ensure tasks and strategies meet contractual obligations with minimum risk to clients and the company. Report and escalate to management as required Project Execution • Liaise with other departments to establish and maintain effective and relevant import/export activities and support project’s goals. • Oversees all import/export activities related to the project to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in each region • Continuously inform in advance any import/export restrictions, updates and determine actionable steps which should be taken bythe project team • Takes responsibility and accessibility for both the strategic planning and the successful execution of all projects/programs/duties as itrelates to import/export. Skills:• Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills and the ability to maintain anddevelop client relationships.• Willingness to work in a matrix environment and to value the importance of team work.• Excellent leadership skills, and the ability to motivate, influence and collaborate with all levels ofmanagement and personnel without direct authority.• Fosters and built trust within the company, with the clients and external vendors.• Uses technical and analytical abilities to identify and communicate suggestions for obstaclesfaced by project teams.• Applies a sense of urgency to resolve problems, performs root-cause analysis and implementsviable, permanent solutions• Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills• Strong attention to detail and ability to resolve situations that are ambiguous or incomplete• Highly self-motivated and self-directed Knowledge and Experience:• Possess strong working knowledge of customs and/or clinical trial regulations and ability to applytechnical knowledge to complex global business transactions.• Adequate experience with regulatory framework in all regions of the globe, and the ability tounderstand and work within a multitude of government regulatory schemes and agencies.• Solid experience in working with global virtual teams and collaborative environment.• Initial experience in risk assessment and process improvement methods to drive continuousimprovement.• Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office• Adequate experience in the area of drug development, including supply chain and clinical trials.• Demonstrable experience with development of project plans/strategy and actionable deliverables.• Initial experience with participating in regulatory and/or client audits Requirements: Advanced English level: oral and written (mandatory)Bachelor's degree in a related field Job experience in the Pharmaceutical industry#LI-REMOTE

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Durante el año
Ocupación: Global trade compliance leader
Min. Salario: 12500000

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    15,000,000 ARS / Durante el año

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