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Brokerage Hold Rater

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Última actualización 2024-07-13
Caduca 2024-08-13
ID #2197275366
20,000,000 ARS
Brokerage Hold Rater
Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires,
Modificado June 18, 2024


Explore your next opportunity at a Fortune Global 500 organization. Envision innovative possibilities, experience our rewarding culture, and work with talented teams that help you become better every day. We know what it takes to lead UPS into tomorrow—people with a unique combination of skill + passion. If you have the qualities and drive to lead yourself or teams, there are roles ready to cultivate your skills and take you to the next level. Job Description: Main activities for this employee are related with two main processes required to be in compliance with Argentinian customs: RTS (return to shipper) mandatory process for shipments requiring a formal entry that was not cleared by consignee, to avoid penalties UPS needs to RTS these packages. The second one is regarding Customs offences and penalties, these offences need to be addressed with local attorneys, customs officers to avoid losing the license and being unable to operate imports and exports. Responsibilities: Return to shipper packages requiring formal entry that was not cleared by consignee, due to customs regulations, these packages need to be RTS by UPS, this process requires revision with customs, paper works, generate new AWB, relabeling packages, etc. Customs offences and penalties: this employee is responsible for this process and the main point of contact between different areas involved to resolve customs offences such as local attorneys, customs officers, F&A, and customers. Customer communications: responsible to respond customer communications in person at Ezeiza airport brokerage office, by email, by phone. CEC cases administrator for Brokerage inbox which represent 33% of the total cases managed at Country level. Red channel and Formal export shipments physical inspections, all shipments selected by customs to be physically inspected needs to be examined with presence of custom’s officer and UPS employee. This employee needs to move to different customs warehouses to present documentation, open packages, present package content to custom’s officer, close packages, etc. UPS systems information update, update information on delayed packages at UPS systems to avoid customer complaints, CEC cases, paid Claims on packages retained by customs, etc. Employee Type: Permanent UPS is committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Detalles del trabajo

El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Durante el año
Ocupación: Brokerage hold rater
Min. Salario: 15000000

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    20,000,000 ARS / Durante el año

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